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The Butterfly images you will see on this page are photographs that I took of butterflies in my personal collection. The images will appear in the order that I created them.

I buy dried butterflies from several suppliers in the world,


re-humidify the specimens,


spread and pin them to give each Butterfly a realistic look.


When I take their photos I also endeavour to keep the colours of the Butterfly's as close as possible to their actual colours. Further more to remove any chances of unwanted shadows,


I pin the butterfly away from the white back-ground, using a dense strip of styrofoam, of about 4 to 5 inches long and I also put the light sources (two 250 watt lamps) at angles so as not to project any shadows. Since the butterfly is 4 to 5 inches away from the white wall and with enough light hitting the background behind the butterfly, this permits to see trough the butterflys back side of the wings, as its intriguing designs is shown trough by the light reflecting on the backside of the butterfly from the white wall behind the butterfly. So most of the time you can partially see the design behind the wings overlapping the design in the front of the wings. Without the light reflecting from the white wall behind the butterfly, you would not be able to see as much of the design of the backside of the wings like the way they are showing trough here on my photos. In most case the design behind the wings are more complex and more sophisticated then in the front of the wings, so I think that it is important to see the back side as well. The best Aperture is (f16) for this kind of photography when using a macro lens, with the camera on a tripod and also use the (2 seconds timer) on the camera to eliminate all vibrations. Its a good idea to take several shots (4 to 6) at different EV (Exposition Compensation Value) then pick out the best one of the lot.

Only the Scientific names, gender, the Country of Origin and the Wing Span have been displayed. Males will be identified as (M) and the Females as (F). Under each Icons the (ws) = will give you the approximative (WingSpan, in Centimeters) of the top wings from their most upper left position to the most upper right position. This will give you an idea of the size of each butterfly.

The images are displayed here for your enjoyment and reference or study only. I have, and will retain all copyright on the images; however, you may download those images for non-commercial use ONLY like wallpapers on your computer, but they are not to be used in books, magazines, or newspapers. You cannot use those image(s), in any form, in a publication or to otherwise make a profit from them, without my explicit written permission.

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If you need to find if I have a particular butterfly, just go to this Alphabetical List of all the butterflies


I hope you will enjoy the endless variety of colours, shapes and designs of these beautiful Butterfly's from all over the world, as much as I do. I am absolutely sure that their designs was not a fluke and that a Creator had to be involved.

* * * Artistically Yours, Ghislain Bonneau. * * *

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Butterfly-Lexias Satrapes Amlan
Butterfly-Mylothris Agathina (Malawi)
Butterfly-Mylothris Agathina (Malawi)
Butterfly-Morpho Sulkowskyi Ockendoni
Butterfly-Lexias Satrapes Amlana-(M)-Philippines (ws_9.7_cm)
Butterfly-Mylothris Agathina (Malawi)-(M)-(Topside)-Malawi (ws_5.7_cm)
Butterfly-Mylothris Agathina (Malawi)-(M)-(Underside)-Malawi (ws_5.7_cm)
Butterfly-Morpho Sulkowskyi Ockendoni-(M)-Peru (ws_7.5_cm)
Butterfly-Papilio Maacki Tuthanus
Butterfly-Junonia Hierta
Butterfly-Papilio Bianor Bianor
Butterfly-Papilio Pericles
Butterfly-Papilio Maacki Tuthanus-(M)-Japan (ws_12.5_cm)
Butterfly-Junonia Hierta-(M)-Thailand (ws_5_cm)
Butterfly-Papilio Bianor Bianor-(M)-Liaoning China (ws_10.3_cm)
Butterfly-Papilio Pericles-(M)-Wetar (ws_7.3_cm)
Butterfly-Papilio Palinurus Daedelus
Butterfly-Papilio Zalmoxis
Butterfly-Papilio Machaon Venchaunus
Butterfly-Battus Polydamas
Butterfly-Papilio Palinurus Daedelus-(M)-Marinduque (ws_9_cm)
Butterfly-Papilio Zalmoxis-(M)-Cameroon-RCA (ws_14.5_cm)
Butterfly-Papilio Machaon Venchaunus-(M)-China (ws_8_cm)
Butterfly-Battus Polydamas-(M)-Peru (ws_7.7_cm)
Butterfly-Battus Madyes Chlorodamas
Butterfly-Papilio Maacki Maacki
Butterfly-Eurytides Agesilaus Autosilaus
Butterfly-Papilio Peranthus Insulicola
Butterfly-Battus Madyes Chlorodamas-(M)-Peru (ws_8.5_cm)
Butterfly-Papilio Maacki Maacki-(M)-China (ws_10.5_cm)
Butterfly-Eurytides Agesilaus Autosilaus-(M)-Peru (ws_6.7_cm) Wing tips are semi transparent
Butterfly-Papilio Peranthus Insulicola-(M)-Sulawesi (ws_10.5_cm)
Butterfly-Papilio Peranthus Baweanicus
Butterfly-Papilio Palamedes
Butterfly-Papilio Dardanus
Butterfly-Eurytides Dolicaon Deileion
Butterfly-Papilio Peranthus Baweanicus-(M)-Bawean (ws_8_cm)
Butterfly-Papilio Palamedes-(M)-GA-USA (ws_9.5_cm)
Butterfly-Papilio Dardanus-(M)-Bambiri RCA (ws_11.2_cm)
Butterfly-Eurytides Dolicaon Deileion-(M)-Peru (ws_8.5_cm)
Butterfly-Cymothoe Sangaris
Moth-Attacus Lorquini-Giant Atlas Moth-(F)-Asia and South East Asia (ws_21.5_cm)
Butterfly-Papilio Nireus
Butterfly-Morpho Adonis
Butterfly-Cymothoe Sangaris-(M)-Central Africa (ws_5.5_cm)
Moth-Attacus Lorquini-Giant Atlas Moth-(F)-Asia and South East Asia (ws_21.5_cm)
Butterfly-Papilio Nireus-(M)-Africa (ws_9.5_cm)
Butterfly-Morpho Adonis-(M)-South America (ws_8.5_cm)
ButterflyAttacus-Atlas-Moth-(F)-Unknown-20 cm.
Butterfly-Attacus-Supermanni-(M)-16.5 cm.
Moth-Hyalophora Cecropia-Moth
Butterfly-Morpho Didius
ButterflyAttacus-Atlas-Moth-(F)-Unknown-20 cm.
Butterfly-Attacus-Supermanni-(M)-16.5 cm.
Moth-Hyalophora Cecropia-Moth-(F)-North America (ws_13_cm)
Butterfly-Morpho Didius-(M)-Peru (ws_14_cm)
Butterfly-Catagramma Cynosura
Moth-Antheraea Polyphemus-F
Butterfly-Callicore Cynosura-side view
Butterfly-Callicore Cynosura
Butterfly-Catagramma Cynosura-(M)-Peru-Underside-(ws_6_cm)
Moth-Antheraea Polyphemus-Moth-1-(F) North America (ws_10.5_cm)
Butterfly-Callicore Cynosura-(M)-Underside-Lowland Tropical Rainforest (ws_6_cm)
Butterfly-Callicore Cynosura-(M)-Topside-Lowland Tropical Rainforest (ws_6_cm)
Butterfly-Ornithoptera Urvilliana  
Butterfly-Ornithoptera Croesus Lydius
Butterfly-Ornithoptera Goliath Procus
Butterfly-Ornithoptera Goliath Samson Joycei
Butterfly-Ornithoptera Urvilliana-(M)-New Guinea & the Canibal Countrys (ws_13_cm)
Butterfly-Ornithoptera Croesus Lydius-(M)-Halmahera Island-Indonesia (ws_14.5_cm)
Butterfly-Ornithoptera Goliath Procus-(M)-New Guinea (ws_15.5_cm)
Butterfly-Ornithoptera Goliath Samson Joycei-(M)-New Guinea (ws_13.5_cm)
Butterfly-Ornithoptera Urvilliana  
Butterfly-Ornithoptera Croesus Lydius
Butterfly-Ornithoptera Goliath Procus
Butterfly-Ornithoptera Goliath Samson Joycei
Butterfly-Ornithoptera Urvilliana-(F)-New Guinea & the Canibal Countrys (ws_17_cm)
Butterfly-Ornithoptera Croesus Lydius-(F)-Halmahera Island-Indonesia (ws_17_cm)
Butterfly-Ornithoptera Goliath Procus-(F)-New Guinea (ws_16.5_cm)
Butterfly-Ornithoptera Goliath Samson Joycei-(F)-New Guinea. (ws_18_cm)
Butterfly-Ornithoptera Rothschildi
Butterfly-Ornithoptera Priamus Poseidon Teucrus
Butterfly-Ornithoptera Aesacus
Butterfly-Ornithoptera Goliath Supremus
Butterfly-Ornithoptera Rothschildi-(M)-New Guinea (ws_11_cm)
Butterfly-Ornithoptera Priamus Poseidon Teucrus-(M)-Indonesia, Papua & New Guinea (ws_13_cm)
Butterfly-Ornithoptera Aesacus-(M)-Obii Island, Indonesia (ws_12.5_cm)
Butterfly-Ornithoptera Goliath Supremus-(M)-New Guinea (ws_14.5_cm)
Butterfly-Ornithoptera Rothschildi  
Butterfly-Ornithoptera Priamus Poseidon Teucrus
Butterfly-Ornithoptera Aesacus
Butterfly-Ornithoptera Priamus Aruana
Butterfly-Ornithoptera Rothschildi-(F)-New Guinea (ws_19_cm)
Butterfly-Ornithoptera Priamus Poseidon Teucrus-(F)-Indonesia, Papua & New Guinea(ws_16.5_cm)
Butterfly-Ornithoptera Aesacus-(F)-Obii Island, Indonesia (ws_14.5_cm)
Butterfly-Ornithoptera Priamus Aruana-(M)-Aru Isl-(ws_14_cm)
Butterfly-Alcides Agathyrus  
Moth-Chrysiridia Madagascariensis
Butterfly-Ornithoptera Croesus Toeantei
Butterfly-Graphium Weiskei
Butterfly-Alcides Agathyrus-(M)-Arfak (ws_9_cm)
Moth-Chrysiridia Madagascariensis-(M)-Madagascar (ws_8_cm)
Butterfly-Ornithoptera Croesus Toeantei-(M)-Indonesia (ws_14_cm)
Butterfly-Graphium Weiskei-(M)-Only in Highlands of New Guinea (ws_6_cm)
Butterfly-Pareronia Tritea Hermocinia  
Butterfly-Hypolimnas Bolina, Bolina
Butterfly-Morpho Menelaus Huebneri
Butterfly-Pareronia Tritea Hermocinia-(M)-Pelang,Isnald-Indonesia (ws_5_cm)
Butterfly-Hypolimnas Bolina, Bolina-(M) New Zealand (ws_7.5_cm)
Butterfly-Unknown - Ref # 103 (ws_8_cm)
Butterfly-Morpho Menelaus Huebneri-(M)-Asia (ws_11_cm)
Butterfly-Danaus Gilippus Berenice  
Moth-Urania Leilus
Butterfly-Morpho Achilles-M
Moth-Urania Ripheus-M
Butterfly-Danaus Gilippus Berenice-(F)Florida-USA (ws_7.3_cm)
Moth-Urania Leilus-(M)-South America & Carabbeans (ws_7_cm)
Butterfly-Morpho Achilles-(M)-South America (ws_10_cm)
Moth-Urania Ripheus-(M)-Madagascar-(Sunset Moth) (ws_8.5_cm)
Butterfly-Danaus Gilippus Berenice-M
Butterfly-Danaus Plexippus-M
Butterfly-Danaus Anosia Chrysippus-M
Butterfly-Danaus Gilippus Berenice-(M)Florida-USA (ws_7.2_cm)
Butterfly-Danaus Plexippus-(M) North America (ws_9.5_cm)
Butterfly-Danaus Anosia Chrysippus-(M)-Africa- (Affrican Monarch) (ws_9_cm)
Butterfly-Danaus-Erippus-(M)-Peru (ws_8.5_cm)
Butterfly-Taenaris Catops Turdula-M
Butterfly-Basilarchia Arthemis, Arthemis-M
Butterfly-Clossiana Friga-M
Butterfly-Taenaris Catops Turdula-(M)-Tupua & New Guinea (ws_7.5_cm)
Butterfly-Basilarchia Arthemis, Arthemis-(M)-North America (ws_7_cm)
Butterfly-Clossiana Friga-(M)-North America (ws_4.5_cm)
Butterfly-Pachliopta-Aristolachiae-(M)-Indonesia (ws_8_cm)
Butterfly-Papilio Lorquinianus-Albertisi
Butterfly-Morpho Cypris Cypris-M
Butterfly-Morpho Rhetenor Helena-M
Butterfly-Polyura Phyrrus Phyrrus-M
Butterfly-Papilio Lorquinianus-Albertisi-(M)-Australia (ws_8.5_cm)
Butterfly-Morpho Cypris Cypris-(M) South America (ws_10.5_cm)
Butterfly-Morpho Rhetenor Helena-(M)-Peru (ws_14_cm)
Butterfly-Polyura Phyrrus Phyrrus-(M)-Ceram Island (ws_7.5_cm)
Butterfly-Artogeia rapa-F
Butterfly-Corades Enyo-M
Butterfly-Hamadryas Arinome-M
Butterfly-Morpho Godarti Assarpai-M
Butterfly-Artogeia rapa-(F)-Mexico, Japan, South Korea (ws_4_cm)
Butterfly-Corades Enyo-(M)-Peru (ws_6.3_cm)
Butterfly-Hamadryas Arinome-(M)-Mexico to the Amazon Basin (ws_6.5_cm)
Butterfly-Morpho Godarti Assarpai-(M)-Peru (ws_14_cm)
Butterfly-Morpho Godarti, Godarti-M
Butterfly-Morpho Theseus Juturna-M
Butterfly-Papilio Rumanzovia-Underside-M
Butterfly-Morpho Catanarius-M
Butterfly-Morpho Godarti, Godarti-(M)-Bolivia (ws_14.5_cm)
Butterfly-Morpho Theseus Juturna-(M)-Ecuador (ws_12_cm)
Butterfly-Papilio Rumanzovia-Underside-(M)-Philippines (ws_11_cm)
Butterfly-Morpho Catanarius-(M) South America (ws_9.5_cm)
Butterfly-Morpho Lympharis Ockendeni-M
Butterfly-Morpho Neoptolemus-M
Butterfly-Morpho Polyphemus Luna-M
Butterfly-Morpho Catanarius-F
Butterfly-Morpho Lympharis Ockendeni-(M)-Peru (ws_8_cm)
Butterfly-Morpho Neoptolemus-(M)-Peru. (ws_12_cm)
Butterfly-Morpho Polyphemus Luna-(M)-Central America (ws_14_cm)
Butterfly-Morpho Catanarius-(F) South America (ws_11.5_cm)
Butterfly-Morpho Helenor Achillades-Trojana-M
Butterfly-Morpho Portis Thamyris-M
Butterfly-Morpho Rhetenor Cacica-
Butterfly-Morpho Peleides, Peleides-M
Butterfly-Morpho Helenor Achillades-Trojana-(M)- Paraquay (ws_10.5_cm)
Butterfly-Morpho Portis Thamyris-(M)-Brasil (ws_7.5_cm)
Butterfly-Morpho Rhetenor Cacica-(M)-Peru (ws_12.5_cm)
Butterfly-Morpho Peleides, Peleides-(M)-Colombia (ws_11_cm)
Butterfly-Morpho Telemachus Penelope-M
Butterfly-Morpho Telemachus Penelope-F
Butterfly-Parides Neophilus Olivencis-M
Butterfly-Morpho Peleides, Peleides-F
Butterfly-Morpho Telemachus Penelope-(M)-Peru (ws_12.5_cm)
Butterfly-Morpho Telemachus Penelope-(F)-Peru (ws_11.5_cm)
Butterfly-Parides Neophilus Olivencis-(M) -Peru (ws_7.5_cm)
Butterfly-Morpho Peleides, Peleides-(F)-Colombia (ws_10_cm)
Butterfly-Papilio Pilumnus-M
Butterfly-Parides Neophilus Olivencis-F
Butterfly-Battus Belus Varus-M
Butterfly-Papilio Pilumnus-(M)-Guadelajara-Mexico (ws_7.5_cm)
Butterfly-Battus-Crassus-(M)-Peru (ws_9_cm)
Butterfly-Parides Neophilus Olivencis-(F) -Peru (ws_7_cm)
Butterfly-Battus Belus Varus-(M) Peru (ws_9.5_cm)
Butterfly-Morpho Zephyritis-M
Butterfly-Morphotaenaris Schoenbergi Kenricki-M
Butterfly-Morpho Cisseis Gahua-Blue-M
Butterfly-Ituna-Ilione-(M)-Peru.. (ws_9_cm)
Butterfly-Morpho Zephyritis-(M) Bolivia & Peru (ws_8_cm)
Butterfly-Morphotaenaris Schoenbergi Kenricki-(M)-Arfak (ws_10_cm)
Butterfly-Morpho Cisseis Gahua-Blue-(M) Upper Nuallaga Valley-Peru (ws_16.5_cm)
Butterfly-Morpho Hecuba Werneri-M
Butterfly-Papilio Helenus-M
Butterfly-Anteos Menippe-M
Moth-Unknown - Ref # 105-Underside-(ws_4.5_cm)
Butterfly-Morpho Hecuba Werneri-(M)-Amazonas River, Peru (ws_13.5_cm)
Butterfly-Papilio Helenus-(M) South East Asia and India (ws_10_cm)
Butterfly-Anteos Menippe-(M)-Peru (ws_9_cm)
Butterfly-Opsiphanes Quiteria Quirinalis-M
Butterfly-Marpesia Petreus-M
Butterfly-Vanessa Myrrina-M
Butterfly-Vanessa Atlanta-M
Butterfly-Opsiphanes Quiteria Quirinalis-(M)-Peru (ws_8_cm)
Butterfly-Marpesia Petreus-(M)-Peru (ws_8_cm)
Butterfly-Vanessa Myrrina-(M)-Peru (ws_4.7_cm)
Butterfly-Vanessa Atlanta-(M)-North America & Europe (ws_5.5_cm)
Butterfly-Victorina StelenesM
Butterfly-Prepona Sub-Omphale Pseudoomphale-M
Butterfly-Siproeta Epaphus-M
Butterfly-Parides Sesostris-M
Butterfly-Victorina Stelenes-(M)-Peru (ws_8_cm)
Butterfly-Prepona Sub-Omphale Pseudoomphale-(M)-Peru (ws_9.5_cm)
Butterfly-Siproeta Epaphus-(M)-Peru (ws_8.5_cm)
Butterfly-Parides Sesostris-(M)-With scent patch Closed-Brazil & Mexico (ws_7.5_cm)
Butterfly-Papilio Ophidiocephalus, Ophidiocephalus-M
Butterfly-Papilio Bromius-M
Butterfly-Graphium Evombar-M
Butterfly-Graphium Eurypylus Pamphylus-M
Butterfly-Papilio Ophidiocephalus, Ophidiocephalus-(M)-Tanzania. (ws_11_cm)
Butterfly-Papilio Bromius-(M)-Africa (ws_8.5_cm)
Butterfly-Graphium Evombar-(M)-Madagascar (ws_5.5_cm)
Butterfly-Graphium Eurypylus Pamphylus-(M)-Sulawesi (ws_9_cm)
Butterfly-Precis Rhadama-M
Butterfly-Papilio Demoleus Libanius-M
Butterfly-Morpho Aega-M
Butterfly-Napocles Jucunda-M
Butterfly-Precis Rhadama-(M)-Madagascar (ws_5_cm)
Butterfly-Papilio Demoleus Libanius-(M)-Marinduque (ws_7.5_cm)
Butterfly-Morpho Aega-(M)-Brazil (ws_8.5_cm)
Butterfly-Napocles Jucunda-(M)-Peru (ws_8.5_cm)





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