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WELCOME To My Crop Circle Drawing Page.


Most of the Crop Circles I did and that appear here in this page are legitimate, ( THE REAL THING,) not done by Pranker's or anybody from earth. But there is at least a little over a dozen that are HOAX. Some are identified as such but not all. I leave it to you to find out what is real and what is not Because it is very easy to see the difference. A legitimate Crop circle is perfect in its rendering and has no flaws, the circles are perfectly circular and all lines meet where they should if you use the same basic geometric pattern they used to reconstruct them. A legitimate Crop Circle should appear as neat and perfect as my drawings below.

The Legitimate Crop Circles usually have very complex design in their placement and need much accuracy and measurements to do them perfectly. This takes out the possibility that they where done by humans, as nobody can do a perfect Crop Circle in one night in total darkness and leave no trace. The legitimate Crops appears in seconds regardless of their size and their complexity, they are produced in about seven to eleven seconds. There is no footstep either in their surroundings leading to the crop circle and they are done any time of the day, not necessarily at night like the Prankster's do. There is also this strange energy that radiate from the legitimate Crop Circles and people can feel the difference. The Hoax are just dead broken crops pushed down with the weight of humans and boards. In a legitimate Crop Circle the Crop is not broken but bent down by high heat and energy.

I have always tried to understand their true purpose and meanings since I saw the first Crop Circle and that I was so captivated by it, I wanted to know more about them. Everything exist for a reason, and Crop Circles must be made for a good reason. Even without understanding their true message, their complexity and basic geometric arrangements are fascinating. I really learn-ed a lot while doing all the crop Circle drawings, and it was a pleasure to discover all the underlying hidden geometry that you need to find to be able to reproduce the same patterns in a particular Crop Circle to have the same ratios and dimensions that relates with each others, like in the real Crop Circle. Some of the Crop Drawings that I did looked very difficult to do, but they where actually very easy, and the simple Crop Circles that you think would be easy to do, where in most part very difficult. Crop #62 that represent the Earths Magnetic field was tough enough and I did not do it right and I did not want to do it again because it takes a long time to reproduce. I put the drawing here anyway because I just love this Crop Circle. I can't imagine people doing this Crop Circle in a field at night with no light, since I had such a hard time to do it on my computer, and I did not even succeed to do it the way it should be done. After Crop #62, I found that Crop #89 was the most difficult. I worked 3 days on it and did it many times before I succeeded. Crop #57 was also as difficult as #89. Crop #36 looked to be very difficult also, but was actually very easy to do. The next most difficult was Crop #10. Crop# 38 was just amazing to reproduce. The beauty of the underlying geometry on this Crop Circle is so harmonious and elegant, it was a challenge to do but it was also a time of discovery that propelled me to new understanding of Geometry while I was doing it. Other Crop Circles that you might think that are difficult, but are actually very simple to do, are Crops #24-29-49-54-55-56-78. Crop #79 that I used in the previous page was of a medium level of difficulty and the Geometry was simple and elegant. Crop #82 was also amazing and I discovered that I could draw ribbons by only using Circles and a straight line and this is all you will needed to reproduce this Crop Circle. Give it a try, you will love it, I am sure.

You might think that it is a waist of time to draw Crop Circles, but believe me, doing this cranks up you IQ a few notch and your sens of observation also gets a boost and open your eyes on forms and shapes that surrounds you in your daily life. In other words you are more alert because you pay more attention to shapes. Maybe one of the purpose of the Crop Circle is to serve as an introduction and an awakening to geometry, math, music, awareness, sensitivity, and life, since most of the shapes all go back to representing life and the human experience on Earth.

The Copy Right of the Photos that I used as reference to do my Crop Circle drawings, does not allow me to put the photos here without the owners permissions, so to open the Drawings that I did, just click on the ICONS, and to see the real photo of the Crop Circle that I used to do the Drawing, Click on the link under the Icons and this will take you to the Website where I saw the photos. To Open the Coloured Version of the same Drawings click on (My_Coloured_Version)

In most case they where taken from LUCIE PRINGLE'S Website and in other cases the photo reference I used where from books. In that case I can only show the date and location here. In some of them I don't remember where I saw the photos, so again only the date and location will appear under those ICONS.

See other Crop Circle BOOKS, at the LINK below:

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Unfortunately I did not keep all my Base Drawings, but those that I have here will give you an Idea of the basic geometry involved in drawing those Crop Circles. Not all construction Lines will show........ENJOY.

Crop Circle-1988-Longstock
Crop Circle-1989-winterbourn
Crop Circle-1991-07-11-barburry castle
Crop Circle-mandelbrot
1-1988-Longstock (My_Coloured_Version)
2-1989-winterbourn (My_Coloured_Version)
3-1991-07-11-barburry castle (My_Coloured_Version)




Crop Circle-1991-07-11-barburry castle  
Crop Circle-1994-05-07-furz-knoll
Crop Circle-1994-06-30-avebury-avenue-wiltshire
Crop Circle-1994-07-21-eastfield-wiltshire


6-crop-1994-05-07-furz-knoll (My_Coloured_Version)





Crop Circle-1994-08-4-frostfield-bertshire  
Crop Circle-1994-08-11-avebury-wiltshire
Crop Circle-1995-06-01-alfreston
Crop Circle-1995-07-23-winterbourn-bassett-wiltshire
9-crop-1994-08-4-frostfield-bertshire...... (My_Coloured_Version)
11-crop-1995-06-01-alfreston (My_Coloured_Version)




Crop Circle-1995-07-watership-down-hill
Crop Circle-1996-07-12-little-bury
Crop Circle-1996-07-26-west-tistead-hampshire
Crop Circle-1996-08-01-ashbury-oxfordshire
13-crop-1995-07-watership-down-hill.............. (My_Coloured_Version)
14-1996-07-12-little-bury (My_Coloured_Version)




Crop Circle-1996-08-02-chisledon-wiltshire  
Crop Circle-1997-04-19-barbury-castle-wiltshire
Crop Circle-1997-06-01-winterbourne-bassett-wiltshire
Crop Circle-1997-06-21-morestead-hampshire









Crop Circle-1997-07-01-Alton Priors, Wiltshire  
Crop Circle-1997-08-01-etchilhampton-wiltshire
Crop Circle-1998-05-10-bury-hill-hampshire
Crop Circle-1998-06-20-avebury-trusloe-wiltshire




Crop Circle-1998-06-20-clatford-marlborough-wiltshire  
Crop Circle-1998-06-22-cutforth-lockeridge-wiltshire
Crop Circle-1998-07-08-stockbridge-hampshire
Crop Circle-1998-07-09-fareham-hampshire




Crop Circle-1998-07-10-silverstone  
Crop Circle-1998-08-Avebury-wiltsire
Crop Circle-1998-08-08-bechampton-wiltshire
Crop Circle-1999-06-12-stanton-st-bernard








Crop Circle-1999-06-20-avebury-trusloe-wiltshire  
Crop Circle-1999-06-23-stanton-st-bernard
Crop Circle-1999-06-24-allington-devizes-wiltshire
Crop Circle-1999-06-24-west-overton-wiltshire













Crop Circle-1999-06-29-east-meon-2-hampshire
Crop Circle-1999-07-16-cherhill-wiltshire
Crop Circle-1999-07-17-honey-street-wiltshire
Crop Circle-1999-07-20-warnford-hampshire









Crop Circle-1999-07-23meonstoke-hampshire
Crop Circle-1999-07-24-barbury castle wiltshire
Crop Circle-1999-07-25-northdown-wiltshire
Crop Circle-1999-07-28-bechampton wiltshire





43-1999-07-25-northdown-wiltshire..... (My_Coloured_Version)




Crop Circle-1999-07-31-roadway-wiltshire
Crop Circle-1999-08-12-chiseldon - wiltshire
Crop Circle-2003-07-13-Avebury-Trusloe-Wiltshire
Crop Circle-2000-05-20-east-field-wiltshire








Crop Circle-2000-06-01-west-kennett-wiltshire
Crop Circle-2000-06-08-grafton-down-wiltshire
Crop Circle-2000-06-11-silbury-hill-wiltshire
Crop Circle-2000-06-11-silbury-hill-wiltshire








Crop Circle-2000-06-13-pack-lane-hampshire
Crop Circle-2000-06-19-alton-priors-wiltshire
Crop Circle-2000-06-27-bishop-cannings-wiltshire
Crop Circle-2000-07-01-milk-hill-wiltshire








Crop Circle-2000-07-01-stephen's-castle
Crop Circle-2000-07-09-honey-street-wiltshire
Crop Circle-2000-07-15-picked-hill-wiltshire
Crop Circle-2000-07-16-avebury-wiltshire




Crop Circle-2000-07-19-everleigh-ashes-wiltshire
Crop Circle-2000-07-22-knoll-down-wiltshire
Crop Circle-2000-07-23-hodson-wiltshire
Crop Circle-2000-07-23-silbury-hill-wiltshire









Crop Circle-2000-07-25-bishop-cannings-wiltshire
Crop Circle-2000-07-30-bishop's-sutton-hampshire.
Crop Circle-2000-08-07-pewys-wiltshire
Crop Circle-2000-08-08-all-cannings-wiltshire













Crop Circle-2000-08-11-martinsell-hill-wiltshire
Crop Circle-2000-08-13-broadbury-wiltshire
Crop Circle-2001-05-11-old-winchester-hampshire
Crop Circle-2001-05-29-hackpen-wiltshire













Crop Circle-2001-06-20-avebury-wiltshire
Crop Circle-2001-06-21-east-kennett-wiltshire
Crop Circle-2001-06-22-beckhampton-wiltshire
Crop Circle-2001-06-24-liddington-castle






Crop Circle-2001-07-12-milkhill-wiltshire
Crop Circle-2001-07-29-yatesbury-2-wiltshire
Crop Circle-2001-08-04-west-tistead-hampshire
Crop Circle-2001-barton-le-cley





80-2001-barton-le-cley (My_Coloured_Version)




Crop Circle-2001-07-15-windmill-hill-wiltshire
Crop Circle-2002-07-04-near-stonehenge-wiltshire
Crop Circle-2002-07-22-rogate-hampshire
Crop Circle-2002-07-28-etchilhampton-2-wiltshire









Crop Circle-2002-07-end-weyhill
Crop Circle-2002-08-11-2-etchilhampton-wiltshire
Crop Circle-2002-glypth-at-rigeway
Crop Circle-2003-06-21-wadden-hill-avebury-wiltshire





85-2002-07-end-weyhill (My_Coloured_Version)
87-2002-glypth-at-rigeway (My_Coloured_Version)








Crop Circle-2003-07-22-scrompes-wood-wiltshire
Crop Circle-2006-06-24-pilgrims-way-near-maidstone-kent
Crop Circle-2006-07-02-rollright-stones-oxfordshire
Crop Circle-2006-07-04-flower-of-wouldham





92-2006-07-04-flower-of-wouldham (My_Coloured_Version)





Crop Circle-2006-07-22-windmill-hill-wiltshire
Crop Circle-1994-06-30-Avebury-avenue-wiltshire
Crop Circle-1994-06-30-Avebury-avenue-wiltshire
Crop Circle-2003-08-24-Locus-grove-serpent-ohio-usa
94-crop-1994-06-30-Avebury-avenue-wiltshire....... (My_Coloured_Version)
95-crop-1994-06-30-Avebury-avenue-wiltshire (My_Coloured_Version)
96-crop-2003-08-24-Locus-grove-serpent-ohio-usa (My_Coloured_Version)




Crop Circle-1998-08-19-the-Sanctuary-wiltshire
Crop Circle-2000-07-19-white-hill-wiltshire
Crop Circle-1988-Corhampton
Crop Circle-1985-Goodworth





99-crop-1988-Corhampton (My_Coloured_Version)
100-crop-1985-Goodworth (My_Coloured_Version)






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