Crop Circle Drawings-Page-2

Crop Circle Drawings-Page-2

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Below is the first Crop Circle that I worked on back in 1985. As you can see it is only with the help of the basic original Geometric patterns they used to make the Crop Circle that you can draw them in exact ratios of size and placement. This was the first solution that I found and there might be other geometric pattern that can be use to come up to the same result, but after scratching my head for two hours, I kind of stuck with this one because it is simple and very elegant. You also have to draw the geometric pattern in the correct order if you want to be able to draw them the same way they where made originally.

(Below is Crop Circle # 100 in my Crop Circle Drawings page)


First I drew a five pointed star with the inner points of the star touching the circle. This is when I realized that the star gave the exact distance for the small circle. Then to find the exact size of the small circle you have to draw a square inside the big circle, and inside the square, draw another circle and in that smaller inner circle, finally draw a triangle. The size of the triangle gives the exact dimension of the small circle inside of it. Then all you have to do is to move the smaller circle at the point of the star and to center the small circle as shown below, using the point of the star to match the center of the small circle. And there you have it. The Crop Drawing is completed.


I drew over 180 Crop Circles and the more I drew, the easier it was to find the original geometric patterns they used to create them. If you are looking for a challenge and a way to get your brain a good workout just try to find the (root geometric pattern) they used, and draw them by yourself. Don't discourage yourself, be patient, the first ones don't come easy. I finally stopped after 184 crop circle resolved. I had to pass on to something else because the challenge was not there for me anymore.

Building this Web Site from scratch was new for me and another challenge to overcome, and I am still working on that, there is so much to learn about how to make a Web Site and it is always changing and evolving so there will always be something new to learn about that.

What ever you want to do, try to do it yourself first, and you will find out that it is not that hard and this is the only way that you will learn and grow.


Enjoy and Share.............Ghislain.

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