Crop Circle Drawings-Page-3

Crop Circle Drawings-Page-3

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Here is another example of hidden geometry.

Crop Circle # 79 that is on the next page.

Crop Circle # 79-icon


Step 1- Draw a circle of an undetermined size, like Circle # 1 above.

Step 2- The size of the second circle is determined by the Hexagon.

Step 3- A triangle on the outside of the second circle determines the size of the outer circle # 3

Step 4- Another Hexagon is used on the inside of circle # 3 to determine the size of circle # 4

Step 5- Now you have to determine witch circle they used to do the curved Lines ? And in this case they used circle # 4 So just copy the circle six times and place all circles aligned with the center and the 6 points of the smallest Hexagon.

Step 6- The center circle's size was determined by a triangle in circle # 1 and another triangle inverted within the triangle. the center circle must fit within this second triangle.

Step 7- Now all there is left to do is to remove the geometric pattern (in red) used to make the crop circle and then erase unwanted lines and fill the desired sections with black.


Step 8- A five pointed star was used to determine the size and placement of the two small dots. The star has to be as big as circle # 3 and to be aligned as shown above with the top intersecting points of the star and the large curve on the outer circle # 3. The size of the dots where determined between the space of the point of the star and the circle # 4 and then the dots where placed in the middle of the circles # 3 and # 4 and aligned with the lines of the star on each sides.

Enjoy and Share.............Ghislain.

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