Mandala Drawings-Introduction Page-2

Mandalas Introduction Page-2

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Mandala, are also ART, and they can be fun to work with.

What I tried to do with my Mandala Drawings is to give the center as much importance as possible. Everything is life has a center, and a negative and a positive. In the Mandala Drawings there is also a Center and a Negative (Black) and a Positive (White) I started doing those Mandla design after I did over 100 Crop Circle Drawings. The geometric base forms of the Crop Circles inspired me to make my own design of Crop Circles and then I started to make Mandalas.

HERE IS SOME SAMPLE DRAWINGS that I did with the first three drawings.

Before and After.




Enjoy my drawings, and most of all have Fun coloriing them, and Share.....Ghislain.

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