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This page was created to give you an idea of some of the comments that I received from the people that appreciate my work and cared to take a minute to send me a comment about what they liked. And I appreciate that a lot. This is my only salary I get for all that I did on this website.

The first part on the left of the comments show the Date I received the Comment and then what the comment is about. At the end of the comment only your first name or nick name will show, your Family name and your e-mail wont show here. To have your comment put on this page just send me an e-mail at with your comments and mention either the page and the photo # or the Painting # or the Crop # or Mandala # or the Recipe that you liked and why. Or comment on anything else that you liked or don't like on my Website. All Your Constructive Comments are all welcome and they will help me to improve my Website, My paintings and My Photography and also Encourage me to share more of my Work with all of you. I will not show all the comments I got from my Photos on Panoramio Here, there are too many, it is well over 2 thousands comments by now, but if you are interested to read some of them just go to this link My Panoramio Page Here and once there just click on any Images to see the comments related to that Image in particular. Right Now I have 1427 Photos on Panoramio and 1043 of them are linked and appears in Google Earth. On the Top Left of my Panoramio page, just under My Name, Click on Show All Photos, to be able to see all of them.

Thank You so Much for Your Kind Visit, Your Great Comments, and Your Interest in My Work,...... Ghislain.

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2016-10-27 - CROP CIRCLES - Hello, I LOVE your drawings of the crop circles. I have fallen in love with your work........NORMA......Cape Cod. USA.

2016-08-22 - BUTTERFLY PAGES - I really like your website, specially the page with your butterfly collection.......ROSE

2016-06-14 - NEBULA WALLPAPER PAGE- Hello Ghislain, When I saw your Nebula Wallpaper pages... I just stayed without words of how're they beautiful... a TRULY ASTOUNDING collection...!! And put so well all together in 2 formats, what a meticulous professional work. Yet then one word I found, :), it was just that I wanted to say THANK YOU to who has made this wonderful creations as a free gift to everyone. Really thanks Ghislain, best greetings, and Good Luck for all of your projects, whatever.
Alex. (Italy)

2015-09-19 - PAINTINGS - Sir, what great paintings that you produce. Wow!! Realistic paintings of real people, so precise and delicate!!........Kris (on Tweeter).

2013-11-12 - MANDALAS - En vous remerçiant de m'inspirer… Votre site est très sympa, il y a beaucoup de vos travaux qui me parlent. Cordialement........Denis....Pau, FRANCE. (Translation.......Thanking you to be such an inspiration to me,... Your site is very welcoming, there is lots of your work that talks to me.)

2013-07-26 - METATRONS CUBE - Dear Ghislain, I have been looking for a better picture of the Metatron Cube. Than I found your website. It's beautiful how you show the different aspects. I thank you very, very much that you made possible to me to get what you have done. With kind regards from Switzerland. ............Barbara. (near Zurich, Switzerland)

2013-07-18 - My Astronomy Websites and links page - I came across your website an really enjoyed viewing your images! My favorite were your astrophotography! While browsing, I came across the "Astronomy- Web Sites & Links" page, and found the list incredibly useful. Elizabeth......Waukesha, USA

2013-04-17 - Astronomy Links - I wanted to write and thank you for your work in putting together this page. It's a really thorough and helpful collection of resources on astronomy. Chris.......from Durham, NC.

2013-04-05 - Your Website - I visited your web site earlier today and firstly wanted to congratulate you on the appearance, excellent content and accessibility I discovered there. It is not often I come across a web site that offers such a positive user experience and great information too. ..................Raashi

2013-02-28 - Flower of Life - Bonjour Ghislain, Via paramio pour une destination voyage ouest usa et parce que j'aime la photo j'ai suivi sur votre site Web et y ai passer une couple d'heures :) Votre explication sur la Fleur de Vie est généreuse et fantastique. J'ai imprimé pour montrer aux enfants. Vos recettes à essayer certainement :) Pressé par le temps, j'y reviendrai ! En attendant, merci c'est un beau cadeau ce matin qui éveille en moi une créativité nouvelle. Namaste....... Rita de Montréal.

And here is the Traslation in English....................

2013-02-28 - Flower of Life - Good Day Ghislain, True Panoramio for a Vacation destination ouest U.S.A. and because I like Photography I have followed you on your Website and I passed there a couple of hours. Your explication on the Flower of Life is generous and fantastic. I printed it to show the Childrens. Your recipes to try definitely. I am rushed by time, but will return later. Until then Thank you, it is a beautiful Gift this morning that awakens in me, a new creativity. Namaste.....Rita from Montreal, QC. CANADA)

2013-02-21 - Your Website - I just want to express my gratitude for your beautiful website, your existence and your expression of art and life. I originally found your website when I was looking for high res images of Metatron's Cube to print out and use to etch into copper. Yours were the best quality images I found. I also favor gazing upon your paintings and listening to classical music at the same time… they both flow so beautifully together. Thanks again for expressing Life so beautifully,.......Bailey

2012-12-15 - Your Website - I really enjoy your pictures. Like you I had a German Shepherd called 'Rex'.. and Like you I lived in the Ottawa valley and enjoyed the ottawa River, the Wakefield Steam Train, Pink Lake. I enjoyed skating on the Canal and skiing at Camp Fortune, Edelweiss & Vorlage. The Mckenzie King Estates and Gatineau Park. And then I moved here to Vancouver Island!. Tim......V.I. B.C.

2012-11-28 - Painting # 105 - I love the colour, form and texture of the waves in this painting, Almost looks real!........ John

2012-08-22 - My Astronomy Websites and links page - Thanks for helping my youth group with your astronomy webpage. My name is Beth, and I volunteer with a youth group which hosts different activities for middle school aged children. We are doing an astronomy project next weekend, and I wanted to find some interesting online information to share with the kids. Your page has some great resources we will be able to use. Thanks for sharing with us. :-).......Beth, somewhere in the U.S.A.

2012-08-16 - My Website - Hi, your Site is just amazing, there is only one word to describe it, SPECTACULAR, I had a great time, and I will be back often, Also Love all your Paintings, Great job..................... Will St. John's Newfoundland CANADA.

2012-07-26- My-Culinary Recipe - Seafood Dipping Sauce - Hi Ghislain, great Dipping Sauce, we use it with everything, thanks for sharing................Vernon Victoria, B.C

2012-06-02 - PHOTOS - Hi!. Dear Ghislain! Thank you for your beautiful pictures of Victoria. I fell in love with your wonderful city! I very much want to see Victoria with my own eyes. I wish you success in your work and good health!................. Serg, Ukraine

2012-04-12 - PHOTOS - Nice photos on your website...............Roman, Victoria, B.C.

2012-04-12 - PHOTOS - Your photos are gorgeous, very nice Website................Peter, Victoria, B.C.

2012-04-11- MANDALAS- "Nice mandalas & sacred geometry images on the website! Thanks for connecting!.......Daniel. Ashland, Oregon.

2012-03-29 - Wallpaper NASA PHOTOS - Your pictures of Nasa's Apolo and Space Shuttle Missions are breathtaking; as if I was there !!...Paul, P.Q.

2012-03-29 - Wallpaper NASA PHOTOS - Vevy nicely done. Thank you for sharing!!............Jeff, Syracuse, NY.

2012-02-26- My-Culinary Recipe - Macaroni & Cheese La sauce est bonne , le resultat final aussi. Les croutons mettent du croquant................Paul, P.Q. (Translation-The sauce is Good, the final result as well. The croutons add a crunch to it.)

2012-03-25 - Painting # 104 - I love the lighthouse lantern, the way it is lit from inside without showing the lamp. Well done!..........John, Austria.

2012-02-12 - My-Culinary Recipe - My SWEET & SOUR Chinese GARLIC SPARE RIBS - Your Ribs are so good, they are the best. Thank you.............Brent Ottawa, Ontario.

2012-02-06- My-Culinary Recipe - CHILI SAUCE - Your Chili Sauce is the best I have ever tasted, thanks for sharing..........Rick, Edmonton. Alberta.

2012-02-06- My-Culinary Recipe - CHILI SAUCE - Hi Ghislain, great tasting chili, thanks so much................Ian/Jean Victoria, B.C.

2012-01-19- My-Culinary Recipe - HP SAUCE - We love your hp sauce, it is the best................Ian/Jean Victoria, B.C.

2012-01-15- My-Culinary Recipe - Macaroni & Cheese - I think the cheese in it is just right................Ian/Jean Victoria, B.C.

2012-01-09 - My-Culinary Recipe - Cream of Asparagus soup - we had your delicious, nutricious soup tonight. very good................Ian/Jean Victoria, B.C.

2012-01-01 - Painting # 103 - You certainly finished the year with a flourish, as your painting # 103 is lovely, very colorful and serene, the waves and water are alive and have power, fits the West coast so well. Thanks for sharing...........Ian Victoria, B.C.

2011-12-04 - Photos of Fisgard Lighthouse - Hi Ghislain, Love your photos! Just saw the ones of Fisgard Light. Beautiful - best I have seen. If I didn't know how much you like painting, I would say stick with photography! :-)........... John, Austria

2011-11-27 - My Website - Hi there, your Site is amazing, I had a good time, almost like a vacation. Love your Paintings........ Geoff, Victoria, B.C. CANADA.

2011-11-26 - Painting # 102 - Hi Ghislain, What I like the most about your painting # 102 are the outstanding Shades of Green-Emerald and Jade that you reproduced at Near Perfection........ Paul, Gatineau. P.Q. CANADA.

2011-11-24 - My Culinary Recipe - Meat Pies Hi Ghislain, the Meat Pies was very delicious and the mixture of pork and beef is good and we liked the allspice taste too. We had it hot for supper, great and it's great cold too........ Jean and Ian. Victoria, B.C.

2011-11-17 - My Butterfly Collection - Hello, Ghislain! You have a wonderful collection of butterflies! Best regards,....... Valentin, Greetings from Ukraine!

2011-11-16 - Painting # 102 - Magnificent ! composition perfect. light on the rocks wonderful, the birds give it the final touch. well done Ghislain....... Ian, Victoria.B.C

2011-11-06 - My Culinary Recipe - Spaghetti Sauce Hi Ghislain, thanks for the Recipe great spaghetti sauce, we enjoyed it so much. good cooking !...... Jean and Ian. Victoria, B.C.

2011-09-09 - Crop Circle # 47 - CROP CIRCLE DONE BY HIS REQUEST - Hello Ghislain:You've done a wonderful job! Thank you. I will be able to download and print out the drawing to have it on hand.Increasingly, the circles are speaking to me and to have them nearby, where I can connect with their energy is important. I appreciate your generosity and spirit. Blessings of light,...... EFREN, Brasil.

2011-06-13 - PHOTOS - We happen to share the same birth date ----April 24. I am just a few years behind you. I have a vacation planned to Victoria, and Ucluelet in mid-August. I was searching for photos of the area, and I found your incredible work on the internet. As an amateur photographer, I am in awe of your work! PS - cannot believe you do not use any filters. I really need instruction on how to utilize natural light! Hope to hear from you,...... Daphne, Dallas, TX, U.S.A.

2010-12-10 - My Website - Hi Ghislain A very nice website. I enjoyed it very much......... Ken, London, Ontario, CANADA

2010-10-02 - My Butterfly Collection - Hi Ghislain, thanks, Your butterfly collection looks really good, well thought out...... Jean, Victoria, B.C.

2010-10-02 - Painting # 55 - Bobby - I Really liked your painting of Bobby. Really good detail. nice dog,...... Jean, Victoria, B.C.

2010-09-18 - Painting # 100 - Your painting number 100 is incredible! I have a Tofino painting that Roy Henry Vickers did in 2002 as a fund raiser for Tour de Rock. I was a rider in the Tour that year. Your picture brings out a lot of the same feelings for me, it was such an incredible experience! Thank you,...... Tom, Victoria, B.C.

20010-06-11- Painting # 100 - Ghislain, That's a beautiful painting. Youre doing very well and you must feel very happy. I always feel painting is like giving birth, these things appear out of nothing, each with it's own personality........ George, Victoria, B.C.

2010-05-16 - My Paintings - Hello Ghislain. I went over your Web site and took a look at some of your paintings and other art works; very nice. I like you wide variety of interest and especially the landscapes. Warm regards,..... Larry England.

2010-02-12-Painting # 55 - Bobby - I visited you web page Ghislain I did not know you had a talent in oil painting as well, very nice paintings ..I particularly liked the ones you did of the dog but they are all very beautiful..Well done.......Marion Western Australia.

2010-01-09 - Photos of Leamy Lake, Gatineau Quebec - Bonjour, En visitant le Lac Leamy sur Google Earth, j'ai découvert vos photos. Elles sont très belles! Andrew Leamy est mon ancien-ancien-grand-père. Merci, Richard, Gatineau, P.Q. CANADA (Translation-While visiting Leaky Lake on Google Earth, I discovered your photos. They are very beautiful! Andrew Leamy is my great-great-grand-Father. Thank you,....... Richard)

2009-12-29 - My Website - Je suis allé voir ton site web ou j'ai passé un moment très agréable. Félicitations pour tout ce travail Amitiés CKICKI 83-(Translation- I went to see your Website where I had a really good time. Congratulations for all this work - Friendly Greetings.....CKIKCI 83 ST. Maximin, FRANCE.)

2009-12-26 - My Website - I just reviewed your web-site. I really liked some of the paintings. I think large canvas painting must be very difficult......... Marg, Victoria, B.C.

2009-10-05 - PDF - The Art of Composition in Visual Art- I like the concept and format of the text, and Inspite of the reference to photo, I see this applies to painting just as much. I have been a painter most of my life and received training in a number of schools with good teachers. The most important part of that education came from the study of the Renaissance, Giotto to Caravaggio, and the main focus, as you likely know, was composition. And, I find it quite relevant to my own perceptions and values.
Thanks a lot,....... John Ottawa, Ontario CANADA.

2009-10-05 - Great photos of Victoria - loved the eagle in the dark with pink sky - Mt Baker great shots - and the inner harbour etc etc........ Marg, Victoria, B.C. CANADA

2009-08-30 - Photos of Victoria - Thank you, thank you very, very much for these pictures. Absolutely beautiful. Great job. Again ,,thanks.......Will, Newfoundland, CANADA

2009-08-30 - Photos of Victoria - Thank you Ghislain. Beautiful work!...... Frank, G. Victoria CANADA.

2009-01-25 - My Website - Ghislain, Hi there. Have to tell you those are beautiful paintings and photographs. I envy people who can create such beauty....... George, Victoria, B.C.

2009-01-17 - Photo near Tofino - Felicitation Ghislain, la photos est tres tres belle. Salut, Marcelle, Ucluelet, CANADA-(Translation-Congratulations Ghislain The Photo is very beautiful, Greetings......Marcelle)

2009-01-07 - Photos of Ucluelet - Hi There!!!! Thank you for sharing all your photos. Take care and continue with all those great photos. Sincerely...... Beverly, Nanimo, B.C. CANADA

2009-01-03 - Photos from Ucluelet - As usual, these are fantastic pictures that you have taken. Very nice....... Diane. Victoria, B.C.

2008-11-12 - Photo-Inner Harbour at Sunset -Thanks for this, great photo........ Rob, Victoria, B.C. CANADA

2008-11-12 - Photo-Inner Harbour at Sunset -Thanks Ghislain, Beautiful picture! I've got a few good ones of Victoria's appeal on my flickr pages, but I don't think I've got anything with your spectacular view or quite the sense of warm glow that your photo has.......John, Victoria, B.C.

2008-11-02 - The Art of Composition in Visual Art -This is an excellent and informative page Ghislain. Thanks for sending it......Frank, Victoria, B.C.

2008-11-02 - Photos of Ottawa -The photos are really great. Ottawa is so gorgeous in the fall.....Marg, Victoria, B.C.

2008-11-01 - PAINTINGS -Wow Ghislain what a talent and gift you have. My wife is an amateur artist who paints for her own enjoyment and gives all of her paintings away to her family and friends but she just is amazed by your talent. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Thank you for sharing. Best wishes and kindest regards,..... Colin, Victoria, B.C.

2008-07-06 - Photos of Victoria - Hello Ghislain, Thank you very much, these are great photos!.......Kathryn, Victoria, B.C.