I have never been so Ashamed of being a Canadian, now knowing what my ancestors and the Government did to the Indigenous Peoples of Canada. They sure tried to assimilate them to our Society while ignoring their Language and their Heritage and forcibly removing the Children from their families.

This was an inhuman act that should have never occurred here in Canada. We had lots to learn from them instead of forcing our way of life and our religions onto them. We as a society are motivated by money and greed and we don't respect nature as the Indigenous People Do. We had much to learn from their way of life and their Love of Nature.

I DEEPLY APOLOGIZE for what they did to you, because I respect YOU and I respect your Heritage and your Traditions while they obviously did not. I am so sorry for the trauma that you where forced to endure at such a young age. Know that myself and Millions of Canadians like me share this Shame and want to try to help you as much as we can to repair our relations between us.
Showing their PHOTOS and their NAMES is Showing Respect and Understanding for the 110 indiginous people on this page.

Below is the links for the documents about the Report on Truth and Reconciliation.

A Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada

Residential Schools Survivors Speak (in English.pdf)

Residential Schools Survivors Speak (en Francais.pdf)

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Alex Alikashuak
Alfred Nolie
Alice Quinney
Alma Scott
Alphonsine McNeely
Amber K. K. Pelletier
Amelia Galligos-Thomas
Andrew Bull Calf
Andrew Speck
Anthony Wilson
Antonette White
Bernard Catcheway
Bernice Jacks
Betsy Annahatak
Bob Baxter
Bruce R. Dumont
Calvin Myerion
Connie McNab
Daisy Hill
Daniel Nanooch
Darlene Thomas
Darlene Wilson
Darryl Siah
Delores Adolph
Denis Morrison
Don Willie
Donna Antoine
Dora Necan
Doris Judy McKay
Dorothy Nolie
Dorothy Ross
Doug Beardy
Edwin F. Jebb
Elizabeth Joyce Brass
Ellen Okimaw
Eugene Tetreault
Eva Lapage
Frances Tait
Frank Tomkins
Georgina Harry
Geraldine Shingoose
Gordon James Pemmican
Henry Bob
Howard Stacy Jones
Ilene Nepoose
Ivan George
Jean Margaret Brown
Jeanne Paul
Jennie Blackbird
Jennie Thomas
Joanne Morrison Methot
John B. Custer
John Edwards
Joseph Martin Larocque
Joseph Maud
Julianna Alexander
Ken A. Littledeer
Lily Bruce
Lizette Olson
Loretta Mainville
Lydia Ross
Lynda Pahpasay McDonald
Madeleine Dion Stout
Marcel Guiboche
Marjorie Ovayuak
Martha Minoose
Martina Therese Fisher
Mary Beatrice Talley
Mary Courchene
Mary Rose Julian
Mary Vivier
Mel H. Buffalo
Murray Crowe
Nellie Ningewance
Noel Knockwood
Noel Starblanket
Patrick Bruyere
Paul Johnup
Percy Tuesday
Peter Nakogee
Piita Irniq
Rachel Chakasim
Raphael Victor Paul
Ray Silver
Richard Hall
Ricky Kakekagumick
Robert Malcolm
Roddy Soosay
Roger Cromarty
Ron Windsor
Rosalie Webber
Rose Marie Prosper
Sam Ross
Shirley Ida Moore
Sphenia Jones
Stella August
Stella Marie Tookate
Timothy Henderson
Velma Jackson
Verna Kirkness
Victoria Boucher Grant
Victoria McIntosh
Violet Rupp Cook
Vitaline Elsie Jenner
Wendy Lafond
Wesley Keewatin
Wilbur Abrahams
William Antoine
William Francis Paul
William Herney
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