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Ghislain Bonneau

P.O. Box  8521 Stn. Central.


V8W 3S1


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All images on this website are Copyright, except for the Space wallpaper that are from NASA, but my other Copyright Images can be freely used in your blogs or on your websites as long as you mention this website as the source. To print any of my images you will need my written permission, so contact me for any request. My Images can not be printed in any newspapers, publications, books, magazines, flyers, pamphlets or any other paper publications for the purpose of profit without my explicit written permission. I don't usually charge anything for the use of my Images, it is just that I like to keep track of who used them and why and where my images will appear. The only thing that I ask in return to use my images is a copy of your publication with my images in it.

Thank you in advance for your Honesty and your interest in my work.